5 Incredible Facts About Medicine Of The Ancient Romes

In the ancient world, the Greeks and Romans were brothers. There was the obvious close proximity of the two countries. However, their relationship was deeper than that. In fact, their cultures were so closely linked that the Greeks and Romans shared gods with different names, but similar backgrounds! However, both groups maintained a unique history and culture. For instances, here are some of the highlights about ancient Roman medicine:

1. Doctors were vital to the Roman Empire

The Roman’s Empire’s public health system was actually quite broad. While doctors in ancient Rome could receive formal training, here are some other interesting facts about them:

• Anyone in ancient Rome could refer to himself or herself as a “doctor.”
• Doctors would often serve as surgeons in the Roman Empire’s army.
• Several female doctors existed.
• Women typically served the healthcare needs of other women.
• Doctors provided free healthcare services, to those living in impoverished towns.

2. Much of Roman medicine was Greek medicine

The Roman defeated the Greeks, in the former’s formation of the Roman Empire. Afterwards, Roman doctors then accepted many of the ideas that the Greeks had, concerning medicine. In fact, most of the doctors who were practicing in the Roman Empire–were Greek! Furthermore, the works of Hippocrates, the Greek “Father of Medicine,” served as the basis for numerous Roman doctors’ training.

3. The Romans focused on public health

Obviously, the Romans were unaware of bacteria, and the use of cheap urbane scrubs to reduce their transmission. However, the Romans placed an emphasis on public health. Improvement in personal hygiene would ultimately improve public health and reduce diseases’ occurrence.

4. Rome further developed the Greek’s theories about medicines

The Romans adhered to many of the beliefs of the Greeks, about maintaining the health of humans. For instance, they focused on the importance of cleanliness and exercise. This was due to the Romans’ borrowing theories from the Greek, Hippocrates. A second century AD Greek doctor, Galen, was instrumental in developing these theories. Galen further developed Hippocrates’ notion that human bodies contained four “humours.”

5. Galen influenced both Roman and European medicine

In addition to affecting Roman medicine, Galen also influenced European medicine for more than 15 centuries! His theories and practices focused on obtaining a balance of the four humours, which he believed were inside human bodies.

The Romans would obtain advice from their doctors, while also presenting offers to various Roman gods, such as the Roman goddess of safety–Salus. Interestingly, during the 3rd century BC, this god became linked to Hygieia–the Greek goddess related to healing. Furthermore, the Romans also used Temples of Asclepius, which had originated from the Greeks.

While the Romans were not as innovative as the Greeks were, in the study of medicine, the former certainly contributed to the development of Greek concepts related to medicine. Ultimately, the Romans improved humans’ overall understanding of hygiene and health, which is noteworthy. After conquering the Greeks, the Romans would contribute to humans’ epic war on bacteria!

Vitamins For Depression – It’s Time To Feel Better!

Few things adversely affect the quality of life like a struggle with depression. This I know all too well. I’ve been prescribed Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, and Effexor. They helped a little, but left me more apathetic than anything.

I wasn’t a fan of the side effects, either. I experienced odd tingling sensations and unquenchable thirst. I believed that going the pharmaceutical route to relieve my anxiety and depression symptoms was merely trading one evil for another.

As I dove head-first into the world of nutrition and supplementation, the truth emerged before my eyes like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Depression, along with anxiety, is primarily caused by our brain’s inability to manufacture certain hormones and neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and melatonin.

Depression is also perpetuated by an inability of the brain to transform glucose (blood sugar) into fuel.

Your brain wants to do these things for you, but (if you’re suffering from depression) it can’t.

Why not?

One simple answer: Vitamin Deficiency

The biggest deficiency is that of the B-Complex vitamins. Deficiencies of vitamins B1 (thiamine), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), and B12 are the biggest offenders. Vitamins C and D will also contribute to depression, if not in ample supply.

A mineral deficiency also contributes in a big way. The biggest of these are:

So is it really that simple? All we have to do is provide our bodies with an abundance of these vitamins & minerals and our depression will suddenly vanish? We just eat the right foods, take the right supplements, and we’re cured, just like that?

To some degree, yes.

There are obviously psychological factors you will need to address. By no means am I qualified to give any psychological or psychiatric advice. I would encourage you to seek out some type of therapy or counseling from a mental health professional.

However, if you make a few dietary shifts and implement a consistent, effective supplementation regimen, you will, at the very least, notice some tremendous improvements in your overall outlook on life. You will feel more alive and vibrant than perhaps you ever have.

For starters, if you smoke or drink, try your very best to quit. At the very least, minimize your intake, if you feel you are able to do so. Nicotine, alcohol, refined sugar, and caffeine destroy B vitamins faster than anything. So the higher the degree to which you avoid ingesting these things, the better your results will be.

Next, supplement. Take an all natural, whole-food multivitamin. Make sure it’s plentiful in vitamins B, C, and D, as well as chelated versions of the minerals listed above. If it contains probiotics and nutritional enzymes, even better. This should fulfill your vitamin requirements for depression, but if you’d like additional B vitamin support, feel free to seek that out, as well.

I also very strongly encourage you to pick up a powerful, natural antioxidant formula. If one of its ingredients is the acai berry, it is a definite winner! This will do away with any free radicals that may be hanging around trying to compromise the effectiveness of your vitamin intake.

In addition, St. John’s Wort is an herbal supplement that is widely known to help with mood issues. I recommend taking it daily as an extra measure.

Make sure your supplements are, in fact, of the natural, whole-food variety. Synthetics suck! Avoid them. Get your vitamins at either your local health food store or online, from a company that deals exclusively with natural products.

Also, be sure to hydrate (4 to 6 liters of purified water daily), move your body in fun ways (dance, jump, skip, etc.), and SMILE! Think about all the great things in your life. If nothing seems great, imagine things being exactly the way you want them to be. How would that feel?

Again, I’m a nutrition consultant, not a mental health professional, so I won’t delve to deep into the mental aspects of depression. I can testify, however, with great confidence and enthusiasm, that the two worlds (mental and physical) do go hand in hand, and they have a significant effect on one another.

Bottom line, be good to yourself. Eat right, think sweet, play nice, love whole-heartedly, and for the sake of your health and sanity, take your vitamins! I assure you, if they’re the right kind, they will change your life!

My very best wishes for you. Thanks for reading.

Ayurstate Review Of Popular Prostate Medicine

Ayurstate is an ayurvedic supplement geared towards promoting optimal prostate health. The product is based on ayurveda which is considered to be a 5000 year old system of medicine and the company is full of confidence about this product and is offering a full money back guarantee if it does not work. The product claims to treat conditions like an enlarged prostate or BPH and Prostatitis. Men suffering from these two conditions will surely like to have an insight about this product and its success rate.

Let us first look at some of its ingredients

Kanchanara, gokshura, varuna, guggulu, tulasi, lajjulu, shatavari.

Out of all these herbs the most important ingredient in ayurstate has to be kanchanara which has been used by ayurvedic practitioners for ages to treat prostate related disorders.

The constituents of kanchanara have positive effect on the prostate as it helps in clearing the impurities from fat, blood, and muscle from the body there by making it function in a more healthy way. The other ingredients are also very powerful herbs and it looks like the makers of ayurstate have not only concentrated on improving the prostate health but kept in mind in improving the overall health of the patient.

Products Website

The products website lets one find out his present prostate health with some simple ayurvedic questions they have put in. There are some very positive consumer feedback which are good signs for any product as it shows that it does work. Another good thing is that the product can be directly purchased on their website.

Final Analysis

Large number of customer testimonials plus a combination of effective herbs does make ayurstate a potent medicine for prostate health, the only drawback is that the price is a little bit on the higher side $60 for one bottle, but then considering that the company offers 100% money back guarantee if it does not work its worth trying out.